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We produce concrete protective liner, concrete elements and components for the construction of communication infrastructure

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We carry out a full range of works on waterproofing any structures, rehabilitation

of pipes and collectors

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We design complex solutions for the protection of concrete elements

against chemical and gas corrosion

Manufacturing of lined concrete elements

JSC Research and Development Enterprise HYDROPOLYMER is specialized in production of Concrete Protective Liner (CPL) made of polyethylene and polypropylene with anchor ribs in order to protect multipurpose building structures as well as in  manufacturing lined reinforced concrete elements.

Approval of our products

We help secure the approval of our products with SUE Vodokanal St. Petersburg, the Energy and Utility Committee and the Transportation Construction Directorate

High-quality raw materials

We only use primary raw materials from the leading Russian and foreign suppliers, and our QC service performs the continuous input control of raw materials and stock

Certification of our products

We are prepared to provide voluntary certifications, expert conclusions and laboratory-testing results conforming to the applicable sanitary-epidemiological and hygienic standards

Design support

We offer the full scope of design work, from the collection of data and calculations to final approval. Design rendering in AutoCAD, Model Studio, Revit. Consulting services in the construction field


Our specialists and engineers have developed a whole range of new products that are dramatically different than the obsolete and worn-out comparables currently available on the market. All of our company’s products are next-generation products fabricated using state-of-the-art equipment made by the industry’s leaders.


Our strict adherence to the production process and use of only the highest-quality raw materials ensures the stability of the geometric and operating properties of our products, thereby ensuring their stable and trouble-free long-term operation. The construction of our products is rooted in the most cutting-edge ideas and solutions that fully conform to today’s demanding requirements.

All of the assignments that we accept are completed efficiently within the quickest-possible turnaround time. To us, each customer is an individual with their own tasks and objectives; however, we’re all united by one overarching goal – striving to be the very best in our respective professional endeavors!

We’re not only proud of the quality of our products, but also of the impressive skills and qualifications of our associates.


Water tanks

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Lined pipes

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