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● We make SPS made from reinforced-concrete elements, lined with polymer anchor sheeting. We fabricate products for standard projects, and also design SPS from scratch.


SPS properties are predicated on the use of concrete

  • The need for anchoring is rendered moot, thanks to the structure’s own weight;
  • The annular cross-section is exceptionally rigid, thereby allowing the SPS to be laid at a greater depth, unlike products made from fiberglass;

SPS properties are predicated on the use of polymer anchor sheeting

  • SPS boast exceptional chemical resistance (prevent corrosion from water, alkali, acids and gas);
  • The polymer sheeting protects against cracking and thermal deterioration, thereby ensuring the structure’s waterproofing for the entire duration of its service life;
  • And its high shock resistance and reduced abrasive wear extends the products’ service life, which can last for over 50 years. 

Lined, reinforced-concrete SPS are the preferred option of Rosvodokanal (Russia’s national water-supply utility). This preference is predicated on the product’s long service life, as well as on the ease and cost-effectiveness of its servicing.

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Installation of sewage pumping station

● Own teams of installers.


● We’ll assist you in the delivery of your order to the site, in the event that you can’t pick it up on your own.

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