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In-house production of reinforcing polymer fiber according to Belgian technology. Used instead of steel fibers for the reinforcement of cement slurries.

Technical specifications

● Fiber length 40 mm Thickness/width 0.6/1.2 mm.

 Corrugation height/corrugation pitch 1.5/7.0 mm

 Specific weight 0.91);

 Withstands autoclaving (melting point of 280 C);

 Relative strain at break 10%;

 Number of fibers per 1 kg, not less than 52,000 pcs);

 Elasticity modulus of more than 4,000 MPa;

 8.5-times more cost-effective than steel fibers;

Polymer fibers don’t sag under their own weight at the lower layers of the concrete cake, thereby allowing them to be used along the entire scope of the product. Boast elevated resistance to tearing, high corrosion resistance against alkali and acids. Their unique shape lightens the structure and ensures a tight bond with the concrete, thereby reducing its tendency towards cracking and increasing its frost resistance and waterproofing.

Scope of application

● Industrial floors

 Structural elements of residential buildings, elements of tunnels, roads and shafts


 Bank storage facilities

Cellular concrete


The technology of using rigid polymer fibers has been used in the construction of:

● Moscow-City;

 Western High-Speed Diameter;

 In the supports of the St. Petersburg Ring Road;

 In the supports of the Bolshoy Obukhovsky Bridge, and more.

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